Marcin Głodniok

The results of studies of wastewater susceptibility on biological decomposition-– COD fractions on an example of sewage treatment plant in Rybnik

The use of bioindication method for assessment of industrial sewage impact on water environment

Respirometric analyses use in process control of industrial sewage treatment

An analysis of biogas utilisation possibilities for production of thermal and electric energy by example of sewage treatment plant in the city of Rybnik

Modeling of biogene removal in the process of biological wastewater treatment in the sequential-flow technology

Use of measurements of activated sludge respiratory activity for the control of the course of biological wastewater treatment processes

Methodical aspects of analysis of respiratory activity of microorganisms in the activated sludge, in reference to the possibility of biological treatment plant work optimization

Analysis of renewable energy sources use in Upper Silesia with focus on the main developement barriers