Complex geodetic and photogrammetric monitoring of the Kraľovany rock slide

Volume 13
Issue 4

The complex monitoring of rock slides with the size of 16 ha in order to predict the development of other slides and prevent possible human and material losses.
Precise geodetic point measurement, terrestrial laser and image scanning and aerial photogrammetry were used to obtain detailed knowledge about the geometry and behaviour of the rock slide. Except for terrestrial images, the images were taken using an SLR camera (set on a motor paraglide) and a compact camera (set on a remotely piloted system). The state and condition of the locality before the rock slide was taken from archive images taken by a digital large format camera.
Vectors and velocities of the displacements of discrete points were determined with high precision; the changes in quarry wall surfaces were determined by laser and photogrammetry scanning. Finally, high resolution orthophotomosaics of the site were generated using aerial photogrammetry at each observation point.
Practical implications
The termination of mining and the design of the remediation works were determined according to the results of the measure-ments. Also, monitoring was carried out in order to observe any changes due to the implementation of a highway project based in the localisation.
Originality/ value
Complex geodetic and photogrammetric monitoring of rock slides offers detailed information about slide surfaces and has previously been used in Slovakia on a significant scale.


Fraštia, M., Marčiš, M., Kopecký, M., Liščák, P., & Žilka, A. (2014). Complex geodetic and photogrammetric monitoring of the Kraľovany rock slide. Journal of Sustainable Mining, 13(4), 12–16. doi:10.7424/jsm140403
Fraštia, Marek et al. “Complex Geodetic and Photogrammetric Monitoring of the Kraľovany Rock Slide.” Journal of Sustainable Mining 13.4 (2014): 12–16.