Application of MARKAL model generator in optimizing energy systems

Volume 12
Issue 2

The main objectives of European energy policy include: security of energy supply, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the development of efficient and clean energy technologies. The obligation to fulfil these objectives is connected, among others, with the optimization of the development of all energy systems i.e. a group of facilities and equipment for the collection, transmission, processing, distribution and use of energy in all its forms. Computer programs such as MARKAL, TIMES, ENPEP, MIDAS are the basic tools for modelling different energy systems. Various simulation, optimization and macro models are created with them. Multi-criteria methods are also used. In this paper the use of MARKAL as a tool for the optimization of an energy system was the matter of research. The article presents the characteristics of MARKAL. Additionally, it includes an example of the use of the program to create a model for the supply of heat for the province of Silesia together with its results.


Krzemień, J. (2013). Application of MARKAL model generator in optimizing energy systems. Journal of Sustainable Mining, 12(2), 35–39. doi:10.7424/jsm130205
Krzemień, Joanna. “Application of MARKAL Model Generator in Optimizing Energy Systems.” Journal of Sustainable Mining 12.2 (2013): 35–39