ŁPw steel arch support – designing and test results

Volume 12
Issue 1

Increasingly difficult geological-mining conditions make it necessary to seek new and effective ways of securing roadways. The new types of support must meet very high strength requirements and must have very high load-bearing capacities. These two conditions were taken into consideration when an ŁPw type steel arch support was designed. High strength of the arches was obtained through using steel of improved mechanical parameters, while high load-bearing parameters were obtained through shaping elements of the support arches. The works were conducted within the framework of the targeted research project no. 6ZR8 2008 C/07012 undertaken by Huta Łabędy SA, Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy and Central Mining Institute between 2010 and 2012.


Rotkegel, M. (2013). ŁPw steel arch support – designing and test results. Journal of Sustainable Mining, 12(1), 34–40. doi:10.7424/jsm130107
Rotkegel, Marek. “ŁPw Steel Arch Support – Designing and Test Results.” Journal of Sustainable Mining 12.1 (2013): 34–40